40th anniversary

Planting dreams. Harvesting success.


We are thrilled to share the highlights of our recent 40th anniversary celebration, a milestone that marks four decades of innovation, growth, and success. This special occasion was commemorated with a series of events that reflected our journey and achievements, bringing together our dedicated team and cherished community.

Over the past 40 years, we have evolved from a small business into a leading company in our industry, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence. Our journey has been marked by numerous milestones, each contributing to the robust and dynamic organization we are today.

From our humble beginnings, we have always believed in the power of innovation and the importance of staying ahead of industry trends. Our commitment to quality and excellence has been the cornerstone of our success, enabling us to deliver outstanding products and services to our clients. As we look back on our 40-year journey, we are filled with pride at what we have accomplished and excitement for what lies ahead.

Anniversary week workshops

Our anniversary celebrations kicked off with a series of engaging workshops designed to inspire and educate. These sessions covered a wide range of topics, from the latest industry trends to personal development and team-building exercises. Participants had the opportunity to delve into cutting-edge developments, enhance their skills, and foster stronger connections with colleagues. Seeing so many faces coming together to learn and grow was incredible.

*Presentations that were not uploaded, are available upon special request.

Remember our new video?

There was an evening filled with laughter, music, and heartfelt speeches that reflected on our company’s remarkable journey.
And of course, the premiere of Pessl Instruments’ new video! 40th anniversary evening party was more than just a celebration.
It was a night to remember. Thank you!

A week to remember

As we reflect on our past achievements, we are also excited about the future. The past 40 years have been a testament to our commitment to innovation, growth, and excellence. We look forward to continuing this journey, building on our successes, and exploring new horizons. Here’s to the next 40 years of pioneering advancements, forging strong partnerships, and achieving even greater milestones.

Thank you for being part of our community!