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METOS® solutions are a combination of deployed hardware (IoT) and software (Saas) to give the users the crucial environmental information for actional decision-making.  The measurements done by the weather stations and other data loggers in the field and the calculations and analysis done in FieldClimate are the comprehensive solution for the efficient management of all farming activities. 


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How do I know which station I need?

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Weather stations and sensors connected to them provide you with important information about your soil, your crop and your field’s conditions, including air and soil temperature, relative humidity, soil temperature, evapotranspiration, rainfall, wind speed and direction, and more. All the measured climatic and environmental conditions will help you decide when to irrigate and spray, when to fertilizer, when to pay a visit to your field, and more.

There are many factors that affect the final choice of how many stations must be deployed in your field. Smaller fields with homogeneous land structures demand fewer than a very dynamic one. There are also various other questions that need to be answered:

  • What type of crop do you grow?
  • Do you need help with irrigation management?
  • Is your main problem disease control or insect pressure?
  • Do you need alarms for frost?
  • Are you growing outside or in a greenhouse?

And more.

Our experts always come up with a tailored solution to your specific needs. Each field is different, therefore we make sure you get exactly what you need. 

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