Disease models

Spray when it is needed, do not spray when it is not.

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Climate is changing and farmers have to spray less due to economic and legislative reasons. Some diseases are difficult to control and the timing of fungicide application is crucial in keeping them under control.

At Pessl Instruments, we developed disease model algorithms based on environmental parameters collected from growers’ cloud-connected weather stations linked to the biology and the life cycle of over 80 different diseases to predict their development and progression in more than 45 different crops.

We help growers worldwide comply with the latest legislations and help them produce a healthy crop.

How do they work?

All the disease models are based on the latest research work from different scientists and measured with highly accurate sensors. METOS® weather stations, equipped with sensors for rain, relative humidity, leaf wetness, solar radiation, soil parameters and temperature, connected to our disease model subscription, determine risky periods for an infection in the field on an hourly basis. With this information, fungicide applications can be optimally timed.

disease models in FieldClimate

Recommended equipment for disease monitoring

Which station and sensors set you’ll need depends on what crop you grow and which disease or insect you would like to predict. We prepared a list of needed sensors for over 40 crops and over 80 different diseases. Download it with a click on the button below.

Additionally, you will need to pair your device with Disease Model Subscription.

The use of disease models ensures timely disease alarms and thus a more efficient application of fungicides, usually less spray and maximum crop yield and quality.

We are also collaborating with leading developers and have established seamless interfaces to third-party decision support systems as well (i.e. RIM-PRO, HORTA, ProPlant, Welte, Dacom etc.).

METOS® disease models

Over 80 different disease models for more than 45 crops

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