Weather forecast

High precision, localized weather forecast calibrated with on-site data.

iMETEO - The most precise local weather forecast for your fields

Near real-time and historic weather is important for understanding what is impacting the crops. Future weather or forecasts are important for planning and future activities. iMETEO brings these two aspects together.

Hyper-local weather forecast

With METOS® weather station you get the best forecast for your farm and fields by using real-time local measurements to post-correct modelled forecast output, eliminating model bias and updating the forecast frequently with the latest data from your station, satellite and radar. Artificial intelligence is further used to increase the model’s skill and optimally combine/select the best forecast models at any particular location.
hyper-localized weather forecast

Plan your work week

Better organize your day, reduce the resource input and optimize your management decisions.

With enhanced field-specific predictions farmers can save time, money and resources by minimizing crop risk due to drought, disease, pest pressure or poorly timed field activities.

High precision weather forecasts are one of the key variables that will help you make the right decision at the right time for your farm.

plan your work week

iMETEO in FieldClimate platform

3 or 7-days Hyper-Local weather forecast data and Meteograms with hourly resolution
14-day forecast outlook
Output hourly data for multiple forecast variables, including all the important agrometeorological variables, daily ET and more
Multiple outputs: raw data and images
Saved Formats: CSV and PNG
High-resolution weather models by using a multi-model approach
Site-specific weather forecast corrected with station data

iMETEO in FieldClimate

Save time. Increase your yields.

3- or 7-day weather forecast of all the important meteorological variables, plant protection conditions, spraying conditions, field accessibility, tillage ability, fertilizing efficiency, and sowing and harvesting window are available in near real-time.

FieldClimate - work planning
  • Better organize your work day based on the actual rain and temperature data and the hourly updated weather forecast for your field
  • Protect your crop from frost by monitoring accurate hourly updated temperature forecasts
  • Optimize and reduce crop treatments based on site-specific disease models and prediction
  • Plan your fertilization application with accurate hourly weather forecasts
  • Plan your irrigation based on actual ET-crop use and predicted plant water use
  • Know the best hours to access your fields for the next several days based on soil tractability
  • Know when to plant, sow and harvest your crop considering adequate availability of seed zone soil moisture, optimal temperature and more weather conditions
  • Maximize your yield and quality with optimized weather risk forecasts of your fields

Recommended equipment for weather forecasting

A weather forecast subscription works with any METOS® weather station.
You can learn more about them and their sensor configurations on the hardware page – by clicking here.

Your METOS® Weather Forecast subscription​ is just a click away

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