Remote field monitoring

Your field circumstances, crop conditions and fruit growth are under full remote control.

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A remote field monitoring will make your work planning easier. By setting up a network of smart agriculture monitoring equipment, such as cameras and soil temperature & moisture sensors, you will gain insight into what’s going on in your field or farm and will be able to react in a timely manner.

Cameras let you see what’s going on with your plants, crop or animals, a GPS tracking system will help you keep track of your machinery usage, and a soil moisture sensor will help you decide when it is time to irrigate.

From predicting and preventing diseases to spread, through irrigation management, to animal health control. With remote field monitoring, everything is at your hand’s reach.

Recommended equipment for remote field monitoring

CropVIEW® is using a state-of-the-art optical camera system supported by artificial intelligence software to help one with remote field monitoring.

It is a camera system with integrated electronics, and it can be installed wherever in the field is needed. In the field, the device is self-sufficient, being powered by a solar panel and a battery. A 10 MP camera takes high-resolution pictures of your field, crop or fruit.

Control is real-time and the collected data can be used for further analysis.

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