Spray quality assessment

Quality phytosanitary treatments

The “Guidelines on Good Practice for Ground Application of Pesticides” defines a good distribution of plant protection products as one that aims to achieve maximum biological effectiveness and minimum exposure to plant protection products for humans and the environment.

Full traceability with lower costs

Lower the risk of a mistake and assure better quality at lower cost and full traceability.

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  • Check the weather conditions before and during the treatment (Air temperature and humidity, Delta T, rain, Wind speed)
  • Verify the correct pulverization of the drops according to the temperature and wind conditions (larger drops in the presence of high temperatures and breezes)
  • Coverage and delivery of the product to the target
  • Timing on application
  • Avoid treatment when:
    • convective air movements (e.g. on hot spring-summer afternoons) occur
    • thermal inversion conditions (more frequent on clear and calm nights) occur

Precautionary rules

It is also essential to comply with certain precautionary rules.

Always respect the constraints specified on the labels of plant protection products to protect aquatic organisms, wild plants and non-target organisms.

Often, you are operating in conditions of limited resources (time, personnel, equipment) and field operations are carried out in a hurried manner.

It is therefore extremely important to plan in advance the best time for the treatment and to verify and document, in retrospect, that the operation has been carried out under the best conditions and in compliance with regulatory constraints.

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Holistic approach to crop protection

FieldClimate helps to plan and monitor crop protection.

A diagram showing METOS solutions

Recommended equipment for spray quality assessment

Enhance your weather stations & dataloggers with METOS® subscriptions

Sensors measure site-specific meteorological conditions, sending data to the Fieldclimate cloud, over several different types of connectivity (GSM, LTE, WiFi, LoRa WAN, NB IoT), wherein decision support tools activated with subscriptions analyze crop-specific issues and provide recommendations for field activities.

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