Insect monitoring

All inhabitants of your field are under full control.

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Insect monitoring depends on several variables and is not necessarily the same for the whole field/vineyard/orchard. This makes insect monitoring an interesting, but also a very complex topic.

Knowing the pest history as well as the conditions in the infested area assists in predicting the insect occurrence and pressure, but nevertheless, field scouting with regular inspections of the crop is obligatory.

Scouting from home?

It feels good to go in the field to see your plant growing and touch the plants, but especially on fields, too far away for daily travelling or during labour-intensive periods, we take advantage of modern technology to remotely check on the health of the plants.

Electronic traps equipped with cameras enable more consistent and regular inspections and help predict the optimal timing for pesticide application while also eliminating unnecessary trips to the field.

insect monitoring - pests
iSCOUT® – a combination of hardware and software solutions for remote monitoring of different agricultural and industrial insects.
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iSCOUT®, with its integrated electronics and sticky plate, is light enough to be hung where needed. In the field, the device is self-sufficient, being powered by a solar panel and a battery. Multiple cameras take high-resolution pictures of the sticky plate within the iSCOUT®. Images are sent via GPRS to the FieldClimate platform where they are analyzed with automatic detection of pests. The results are then visible on the web or mobile devices.

Control is real-time and the collected data can be used for further analysis.


Recommended equipment for insect monitoring

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