Satellite imagery

Monitor crop growth with Satellite imagery.

Satellite images of your field

satellite license - FieldClimate
Combine in-field data from METOS® stations with spatial imagery for a complete scanning of crop development!

Spatial data from Satellite-remote sensing allows a full view of crop development, throughout the season, in terms of biomass and nutrition analysis (with LAI and NDVI).


  • DETECT CHANGES in crop growth and health throughout the season
  • Data zonation to pinpoint HIGH-PRODUCTIVITY ZONES
  • IDENTIFY WEAKER SPOTS that require special treatment (fertilization, crop protection, irrigation correction) or spots you want to monitor in more detail with additional weather stations, soil moisture probes, iSCOUT® traps, soil or leaf analysis.
  • MONITOR CROP STAGES to support more precise planning of harvest and other potential activities.
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Enrich crop monitoring with the
Satellite Imagery subscription

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