Weather monitoring

Precise weather monitoring on your field or farm.

Measure • monitor • manage

When to seed?
When to irrigate?
How much to irrigate?
When to spray and how much?
When is it necessary to protect crops from frost?

Weather is the most important element that affects farm production, plant growth, disease pressure, insect development, crop yield, water and fertilizer needs, and all the farm workflow processes.

METOS® weather stations will help you make the right decision at the right time by monitoring accurate site-specific meteorological parameters.


weather monitoring - computer - FieldClimate
  • ENVIRONMENTAL PARAMETERS (precipitation, air temperature, leaf wetness, wind speed, solar radiation, etc.)
  • FROST with wet-bulb temperature real-time alerts
  • SOIL MOISTURE with a wide range of probes
  • HYDROLOGY, flood warnings, research plots and more

Customize your iMETOS 3.3 station according to your specific needs

iMETOS 3.3 is our most flexible weather station to which you can add more sensors to closely monitor all environmental parameters needed – from precipitation and air temperature, to solar radiation and soil moisture.

Additionally, adding METOS® subscriptions, will furthermore optimize your field activities. Weather stations and sensors paired with subscriptions will get you
  • site-specific and hyper-localized weather forecasts for work planning (sowing, harvest, tillage, spraying window),
  • disease predictions and models,
  • growing degree days,
  • data for making spraying decisions,
  • data for ET calculation,
  • data for proper irrigation management
and more.
iMETOS 3.3 weather station

Recommended equipment for weather monitoring

Enhance your weather stations & dataloggers with METOS® subscriptions

Sensors measure site-specific meteorological conditions, sending data to the Fieldclimate cloud, over several different types of connectivity (GSM, LTE, WiFi, LoRa WAN, NB IoT), wherein decision support tools activated with subscriptions analyze crop-specific issues and provide recommendations for field activities.

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