Nutrition management

With METOS® plant nutrition planning tool.

Declining soil fertility along with poor management of plant nutrients can result in insufficient yield, soil and crop losses, and overall difficulties in the farming process. Farmers’ main goal is to give their plants a balanced supply of nutrients throughout the growing season but one must know when is the best time to do so.

In order to increase crop yields, assure food security & safety, and make the farming processes sustainable, an integrated, holistic approach to soil nutrition management is of crucial importance.

When to apply fertilizers?

Spraying only when needed is logical, but how does one know when the time really is right? With the METOS® plant nutrition planning tool, you will have all information you need to better plan the next trip to your field – only in the most favourable conditions for spraying.

When fertilizer is spread, it lays around and waits for the water to be diluted and brought into the ground with it. We rate periods which are followed by more than 20 mm of rain as fantastic for fertilizer spreading as long as it is not too windy.
nutrition management - spraying

Recommended equipment for nutrition management

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