Yara and Pessl Instruments

New Agricultural Solutions for New Agriculture

First things first! We are happy to say that the presentation of Yara-Pessl Instruments joint solution for plant water management at the NewAG Berlin Conference was a success. Thank you, everybody who took time to visit us at the booth!

Our Why

Increasing water scarcity, growing population and the general demand to produce more with less. New agricultural solutions are not an option anymore; they are a must.
We believe that the joint solution can bring us a step closer to more sustainable agriculture. It will enable farmers to manage their crops better – to optimize water use and crop nutrition, thus saving valuable resources.

Our How

The combined Pessl Instruments-Yara solution offers real-time measurement of weather, soil-moisture and turgor pressure in the leaves, in addition to analytical data from soil and leaf analysis.
Farmers will be able to access real-time recommendations for irrigation and recommendations for crop nutrition, in addition historical information of evapotranspiration and weather forecast displayed through “MyYara”, which is Yara’s farmer engagement portal for crop management.

Our Mission

The aim is to apply water and nutrients on demand to optimize the resources, improving crop quality and quantity.


The Yara Water Solution is currently available for olives and citrus. Research and trials for additional crops like grapevine, pome and stone fruits, nuts and coffee are ongoing and will be launched in due course.

The joint solution will be commercially available in July 2017.
Additional information: [email protected]