Plant sensors



Order number: 100358, 100359, 100361, 100360

Dendrometers are sensors for continuous measurement of plant growth (changes of the plant diameter). The dendrometer allows us to record the plant parameters using the same time interval as environmental parameters. The data allows the direct assignment of plant responses and stress to environmental influences. Dendrometers are a cost-effective and useful tool for ecophysiological studies.

Necessary Interface to connect this sensor with iMETOS: 600170 / 900205.

To specify plant size range
Diameter 3-30 cm
Range of the sensor
11 mm
±1.5 μm ±0.12 % (CR1000 Logger)
0.2-2.6 μm (dependent on used data logger)
1 %
Thermal expansion coefficient of the sensor
<0.1 μm/K
Operating temperature range
-25 to 70 °C
Operating relative humidity range
0 to 100 %

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