The revolution for the connected fields.

How to properly prepare for the upcoming season

Each growing season teaches us a new lesson and winter is the perfect time to reflect on them.

Younger generations of farmers turn to more experienced farmers for ideas and more experienced farmers search for the solutions that would elevate their practice to the next level in order to meet the strict criteria (restricted pesticide use, storage regulations, specific permissions etc.), but also help them save time, resources and even money.


Contrary to what many people think, farmers don’t get much rest during winter time. As the winter unfolds many farmers think about how to boost their yield next year. One of the solutions is precision agriculture, but some of them are worried that technology is complicated, and some are just not convinced that precision farming would make their lives easier. However, they are more than interested and ready to adapt to new practices. They just need a reliable solution.

weather forecast_computer


Turning to precision agriculture is always a good solution

  1. Firstly, precision farming DOES make a farmer’s life easier as technology simplifies the day-to-day farming operations.
  2. It also reduces your costs and optimizes the budget spent for farming operations.
  3. With the help of technology, you can achieve higher profitability, therefore produce more, lose less and make better plans for the next season.
  4. It can also save you time, so you’ll be able to put more of your time into business-oriented activities or invest it into family and hobbies.
  5. And last but not least, precision agriculture lowers waste and its impact on the environment.


But what exactly is precision agriculture?

Precision agriculture is a term we use to describe the technology and software systems that can provide knowledge to enhance decision-making processes in agriculture. In order to meet the needs of farmers and those of the environment, METOS® by Pessl Instruments developed a new category of METOS® weather stations – nMETOS to measure the most important environmental parameters in order to prevent plant diseases and insect infestation, help with time management (workforce planning, spraying, irrigation) with people and machines.

nMETOS revolution


The new era of farming

The combination of the real-time and site-specific measurements that METOS® weather station in the field makes and the analysis of those measurements done in FieldClimate – an in-house developed software application results in work planning tools that will help the farmer to protect the crops throughout the season and help them boost the yield at the end of one.

nMETOS benefits

With new technology, the farming processes have helped optimize a majority of field activities, but the obstacles remain the same. Besides the drought (too little water), excessive watering (too much rain or bad irrigation planning), extreme temperature (from cold to heat and late spring frosts), salinity and mineral toxicity, farmers must fight the diseases and pests that are becoming a bigger threat by the year. With nMETOS in the field, farmers will have the crops under full remote control which will help them make the right decisions at the right time.


With nMETOS weather stations in the field, you will:

  • Minimize soil disturbance and apply less chemical inputs
  • Maximize biodiversity
  • Save valuable resources such as water and fertilizer
  • Get help adapting the processes to the site-specific climatic conditions
  • Have help with resource savings without yield loss
  • React timely to frost, heat and other environmental conditions

Don’t leave the growing of your plants to chance and install one of nMETOS stations.

In case you would like to have more information, please download the leaflet.