A New Stepping Stone in the growth of Pessl Instruments

METOS Italia Srl

After successfully running business in Italy for 36 years, it was time to step up the game. We are proud to announce that METOS Italia Srl was born on March 19th, 2021. It will work as the main Pessl Instruments representative in Italy and will enable greater freedom in the market, along with the possibility to increase METOS’ territorial coverage, support the growth plan and strengthen the brand position in the market.

The story of METOS in Italy begins in 1985 in South Tyrol, when we sold the apple scab warning devices to Ing. Rudolf Gartner. You never forget your first, and the Gartner family is still our loyal client. They are now using our latest iMETOS line for apple scab prediction and frost warning, and since 2021 also the CropView to forecast yield with AI.

In the years between 1986 to 2001 our founder and CEO, Gottfried Pessl, spent many weeks every year in Italy to support the growing number of Italian clients. The METOS Classic was the go-to equipment for fruit and wine industry. Among the first clients in these years were famous wine and fruit producers as well as public research Institutes in South Tyrol, Veneto and Tuscany. The cooperation with some of these research institutes resulted in the improvement and fine tuning of our disease models for viticulture.
Sales and market brand awareness grew with the participation in national and international trade shows in Bologna, Verona, Cesena and Milan.

In the beginning of 2000 business was growing significantly and Dr. Filippo Rossi became our first part time key account manager to work with our client base.

In 2004 the iMETOS series was launched and the first five IoT stations were installed at the famous Lageder Estate winery. Sixteen years later, these units, with production numbers 17, 1D, 1A, 18 and 1CB, are still up and running, delivering reliable data to produce world class organic wines.


The success story continued with top Italian wine brands in Piedmont, Veneto, Tuscany and Friuli Venezia Giulia. With iMETOS Cloud solution and FieldClimate new markets opened up in irrigation, table grapes, vegetables and kiwi.

2008 marked the next milestone when Ing. Eleonora Filippi was hired as a full time Key Account Manager for Italy. Eleonora, as an environmental engineer with irrigation know-how, was able to bring the Italian business to the next level. With her convincing attitude and determination she was able to increase the business and find new retailers in high value crop farming in Italy. At this point, Italy was developing into the number one sales area for Pessl Instruments and remained among the top selling countries since then. Due to her success in Italy, Eleonora was called to Austria in 2012 to take over a management role in the Headquarters. In her path, two new employees were hired.

Federico Fantin, Agronomist, decided to accept a new professional challenge and joined Pessl Instruments as Key Account Manager after a 5 years’ experience as a regional sales manager for a company specialized in farm management software. In these years he had the opportunity to work together with the PI international team taking part in the growth of the Italian business.

Andrea Lari, M.Sc. in Agriculture, with over 20 years’ experience in the marketing and development of Agrochemical companies, brought to the company a deep knowledge of the market and an additional network of professional contacts.

Federico and Andrea maintained the continuous growth path of the company and decided to take on a new challenge with the incorporation of a new legal entity in Italy.

METOS Italia Srl was born on March 19th, 2021.
The new company will operate as Pessl Instruments main representative in the country and has an ambitious target of growth.
The possibility to operate with greater freedom in the market, together with the possibility to increase its territorial coverage will support the growth plan and will strengthen the METOS® brand position in the market.