Sprayer calibration and deposition management

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Easy-to-use tool for measuring spray deposition efficiency of the formulation on natural plant surfaces.

About DropSight®

DropSight® is an easy-to-use, scientifically developed tool for measuring spray deposition efficiency of the formulation on natural plant surfaces. Through the specially designed photographic laboratory (LeafLab), UV fluid (UView) and the DropSight® app for a smartphone, one can stop guessing and make informed decisions based on quantitative measurements of spray deposition.

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The DropSight® app, combined with LEAFLAB and UVIEW, offer the complete solution to a quantitative analyses of UV tracer deposition levels on leaf surfaces.

LeafLab is a portable, on-site laboratory, purposely developed for plant leaf UV photography with DropSight® to quantify the deposition efficiency onto a crop within minutes of application. UV led lightning with wavelength, intensity and uniformity to optimize fluorescence for smartphone photography when using UView tracer, completes the technical specification. The UView fluorescent fluid is recognized by DropSight® software and the deposition efficiency is measured and calculated.

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How does it work?

It is a very simple process done in five steps!

  1. Add UVIEW Solution to the tank
  2. Spray the trial
  3. Harvest batch leaves
  4. Follow the prompts on the DropSight App and take photographs samples in LEAFLAB
  5. Download your results from DropSight App

It is that easy!

Typical results

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DropSight - results 02

Value proposition

  • Reduce the risk of poor biological control outcomes due to poor sprayer set up and spray deposition.
  • Reduce the risk of unacceptable residue levels due to accumulation and run off resulting from too high volume and/or too large droplet spectrum used.
  • Reduce the chemical losses due to run off resulting from excessive spray volumes.
  • Reduce the risk of soil and ground water contamination due to excessive spray volumes.
  • Evaluate and quantify the risk of drift on neighboring crops.
  • Optimize the use of chemical formulations preventing over- and under application, minimizing crop loss and potential resistance development.
  • Optimize the selection and use of adjuvants and additives to improve deposition efficiency.
  • Optimize the design of sprayer performance.

Have you already acquired your LEAFLAB and UVIEW from your closest Pessl Instruments/METOS® distributor?

Great! Let’s download and activate the DROPSIGHT App now!

  1. Visit Client Registration/Loginhere
  2. Select “Register now” and complete basic user information
  3. Select between the following options to activate your subscription:
    1. If you bought a leaflab with a promotional serial number select “I have a leaflab serial number”
    2. If you have received a subscription voucher select “I have a voucher”
    3. If you need to pay for your subscription select “Proceed to payment”
  4. Follow the prompts to complete your activation
  5. On your smartphone, search and download “dropsight” on the Google Play/App Store or simply click on the buttons bellow
  6. Log in on the DROPSIGHT app on your smartphone and activate it by using your registered login information

You are ready to use DROPSIGHT technology. It is that easy!


A recognition of DropSight® as a innovation award winning product is a testament to our commitment to revolutionize the agricultural industry and provide cutting-edge solutions to farmers.

Innovative Gardening Product 2023 award

Innovation Challenge 2024 award

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