A historic moment

KWS, Itelligence, Microsoft and Pessl Instruments join forces

Einbeck, 17.7.2019 – A historic moment took place yesterday in the little historic city of Einbeck which has its city rights as a city for almost 900 years, is famous for its beers, but also known as the home of KWS – one of the world’s biggest seed breeders.

kws collaboration

Three months ago four leading companies met for a workshop in the Microsoft HQ in Munich: KWSItelligenceMicrosoft and Pessl Instruments. The challenge was to build a smart multi-cloud-architecture from existing components of each company to securely transfer data from one cloud into the other, to enable AI-based analytics and to integrate ERP-business processes completely automatically. Yesterday the stakeholders met again in Einbeck to do a live demo to many skeptical KWS colleagues in the different sectors to show them the power of such an integrated, intelligent and fully automatic solution for risk mitigation in breeding, seed replication and crop production, based on sensors in the field with real time connection over the new LoRa IoT standard. The demo worked like a Swiss watch and it was a historic moment for all the partners exactly 50 years after the moon landing took place. This multi stakeholder approach should be an example what mature companies with vision, passion and open collaboration are able to do. I invite more companies to join our team and I would like to thank all partners for the passion and the fruitful collaboration!

How to face the challenge of having more and more IoT-/sensor-data in vendor owned clouds on the one hand and using this data to offer value-added information to farmers by using sensors? KWS works together with leading experts like #Microsoft, #itelligence and #Pessl to develop a multi-cloud-architecture to securely transfer data from one cloud into the other to enable AI-based analytics and to integrate ERP-business processes. This is an important step to provide farmers with targeted data (e.g. from sensors) via its digital consulting platform CULTIVENT. Today, the principle solution has been presented during a live-demo in Einbeck, Germany. There was an open discussion between the partners and colleagues from KWS about potential use cases and future applications. Thanks a lot for the fruitful and very successful collaboration!