METOS® TURF Management

Recognize turf grass requirements in a timely manner in order to correct potential issues with irrigation, fertility, weed and insect control.

It is important that turf managers recognize turf grass’s needs in a timely manner, and support it with appropriate soil and irrigation management, fertilizers application, and weed, insect and disease controls.

With the METOS® TURF by Pessl Instruments solutions, every aspect of turf management is under full remote control.

Benefits of METOS® TURF by Pessl Instruments

METOS® TURF by Pessl Instruments is a professional suite of IoT and software solutions for a modern nested approach to any sports course management, turf grass health maintenance, and playing conditions assessment.

It provides a unique visualization of all the conditions on the course which allows you to make quicker, more precise, and better decisions – from irrigation and fertilization management, disease modelling and insect control, to provide the best playing conditions.

While hardware installations are spread out strategically through the course to measure all the important parameters and enriched with portable spot readings of important data sets, the TurfClimate application provides the freedom of accessing multiple data sets measured at any given location in near real-time. This way decisions can be made on the spot, without worrying about changes in variables by the time one reaches the stressed area.

Key features of METOS® TURF
by Pessl Instruments

  • Provides actual weather and future weather on your course
  • Gets you an insight of water stress and turf risk stress immediately and permanently in real time
  • Allows you to see disease and pest risks before they become a problem
  • Playing conditions are always in the palm of your hand, anytime and from anywhere you are
  • You have full traceability of all work, ready for management and other reporting purposes
  • See and forecast fertilizer needs before the grass even knows it
  • Lets you know where your equipment and your workers are at anytime
  • Save costs, save the environment – with a peace of mind and no risks
  • Gives you a bird’s eye view of your course from the sky every 5 days

METOS® TURF ecosystem

Don’t let anything get in the way of a perfect course.

*Possibility: Interface with any major turf management platform

METOS® TURF solutions

An extensive selection of solutions for

All your course needs

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All hardware solutions

  • weather stations
  • sensors

All hardware solutions

  • weather forecast subscription
  • disease model subscription
  • satellite imagery subscription

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