The Importance of Data Anlysis

Synthesis of HW and SW

Having a precise and reliable measuring equipment is essential, but in the end, what it comes down to on a daily basis, is the interaction with data, software (apps) and solutions.

Nested or holistic approach connects all the pieces, either equipment or solutions, and joins them into one single farm management system. This way, you don’t have to worry about one aspect being overlooked. You avoid unnecessary trips to the field, you know exactly what are the conditions at any given time, and when is the right time for irrigation, fertilizing, pesticide application, harvesting, and more.


From data to decision support

Having a basic weather station out in the field will give you all the environmental values – the amount of rain, air temperature, humidity, leaf wetness, solar radiation, temperature and humidity in the soil, barometric pressure etc., but not much more.

Nested approach relates the data and builds decision support. It’s not just numbers anymore. You can now:

  • Take advantage of disease prediction models: Check the disease pressure in your field, see if insects are increasing and respond before the damage occurs.
  • Calibrate weather forecast for your specific location.
  • Have pin point forecasts to plan farm operations with work planning tools that include predictions for spray weather, field accessibility, tillage ability, plant nutrition, sowing and harvest window and more.
  • Increase your bottom line or a higher return of investment with in field devices and sensors.

Farm management systems are complex but it doesn’t mean they should be hard to understand and manage.
Nested approach results in:

  • Saved resources (water, fertilizers, soil)
  • Lowered impact on the environment
  • Saved time and money
  • Better and bigger yield
  • Avoiding unnecessary losses
  • Optimized agricultural processes
  • More efficiently done business



How to take advantage of nested approach?

If you already own the iMETOS station or system, head over to our online shop, where licenses are available to upgrade your system with crop disease models and all weather forecast related solutions.