One Step Ahead With Sustainable Agriculture

Farming has become more challenging than one can imagine. A constantly increasing need to sustainably boost productivity, to adapt to the ever-changing weather conditions, to optimize soil and water management, while at the same time managing to keep up with market demands sounds almost like a mission impossible. But we have proof that it is not so.
Farms included in Bayer’s ForwardFarming practise integrated crop solutions and product stewardship and we are proud to be partner of this project.

Azienda Agricola Moranda: A Matter of Responsibility

An iMETOS IMT300 weather station with 2 RadioNodes to monitor soil moisture has been installed at Azienda Agricola Moranda, Valpantena, Italy, to supply real time information on changes in weather and soil moisture, enabling optimal irrigation and the use of the correct crop protection products.

The owner of the land, Nunzio Giovanni Capurso explains: “I have always had the need to know the climatic conditions and the level of moisture present in my vineyard. Otherwise, I risk frustrating treatments in case of strong winds, high temperatures or low relative humidity and unnecessarily irrigation water consumption.”

The choice of an iMETOS®300 is based on possibility to continuously record the changes in temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, leaf wetness, wind speed, availability of water and moisture and soil temperature.

The data is transmitted in real time to an on-line portal and Giovanni can access it from both computer and mobile app on his phone. Based on climate and water parameters he decides about the proper intervention with a crop protection product and / or a irrigation, avoiding unnecessary interventions, treatments and water use.