We are proud to announce that METOS FWT (Field Water tube) has been awarded the “EIMA 2022 Technical Innovation” recognition award.

Bologna, 5.10.2022 – Water is one of the most important inputs for successful plant growth and impacts food security as well. Playing such an important role both extremes are bad – too much and too little.

Understanding how crucial it is to achieve just the right threshold of water in rice production, Pessl Instruments developed an automatic IoT (Internet of Things) device designed to monitor the water level depth in flooded rice fields in real-time. This will enable farmers to be able to exactly monitor the water level in their fields.

Simply put, METOS FWT is a new product in the METOS by Pessl Instruments portfolio and absolute news in the AgTech sector of smart irrigation. Until now, prototypes of field water tubes (FWT) with some electronics and IoT infrastructure integrations were deployed only in research projects. The METOS FWT with state-of-the-art global connectivity protocols is the first smart field water tube ready for commercial distribution.

The manual FWT is already a common tool in lowland rice cultivations where the AWD (Alternate Wetting and Drying) methodology has been introduced, but METOS FWT is a cost-effective solution that allows the digitalization of a monitoring operation typically conducted manually. The advantage of remote and continuous control of the water level allows for a more precise application of the AWD technique. The environmental benefits of the AWD in comparison with conventional flooded rice cultivation are well-established: increased water use efficiency, mitigation of GHG (methane) emissions by creating healthier roots and consequently decreased global warming potential.

“The datalogger and the online connectivity, powered by a mini solar panel and battery system, measures, logs and transmits to the cloud every 15 minutes. The rice fields system, therefore, becomes a hydraulic landscape, connected not only by canals but “digitally connected” as well,”

begins explaining Gottfried Pessl, CEO & Founder of Pessl Instruments.

“The low-cost METOS FWT allows the digitalization of a manual monitoring practice, giving users the benefits of saving time and resources and being more precise field-activities wise, thanks to remote, real-time and continuous measurements. We want to thank the Committee for recognizing the importance of METOS FWT in the field of smart agriculture,”

concluded Mr Pessl.

The award ceremony took place on Wednesday, October 5th, at 5:00 PM at Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna, Italy. METOS FWT will be exhibited at Pessl Instruments / METOS Italia in Hall 21, Stand B/33.