Presenting a new webshop!

Pessl Instruments Just Launched Its METOS Webshop –!

Pessl Instruments, the pioneer in manufacturing and selling high-end weather stations, is proud to announce the launch of its highly anticipated webshop. Launching on June 3rd 2020, METOS Webshop will offer something for everyone.

METOS Webshop will first offer the iMETOS VWS – Virtual Weather station, disease model licenses and other »click-away« solutions. There will also be a free-trial offer for those who are just getting familiar with data-driven precision agriculture.

“»We are thrilled to introduce which allows customers to equip their fields at any given time,” said Gottfried Pessl, CEO and founder. “With METOS Webshop, customers will be up to date with the current sale offers, will be able to quickly activate desired licences, e.g. disease models, and start planning their field activities faster and easier. Our stations are currently distributed in around 80 countries, but with a METOS Webshop, our equipment will be reachable from everyone’s computer, smartphone, or tablet – no matter where in the World. This shop will feature all the innovations that Pessl Instruments is known for and we are excited for our customers to experience the METOS brand in this new way,«

 he concluded.

METOS Webshop availability

We want to point out that METOS Webshop will for now be available to European end customers and all Pessl Instruments distributors only. We anticipate to get the METOS Webshop ready for all the markets by the end of 2020. Everything that every farmer needs, will therefore soon be at a hand’s reach with a few simple clicks in every corner of the world.

We strongly believe that METOS Webshop completes and enriches the Pessl Instruments experience. More information about the METOS Webshop and via Webshop available products can be found on page. Or jump directly to and start exploring!

All social media updates will be tagged #MetosWebShop.