Pessl Instruments Is Going Into New Dimensions

µMETOS LoRa Development

LPWAN is the future of wireless telecommunication for IoT devices. Low-power wide area networks are designed to allow long range communications at a low bit rate among connected objects and bring low cost connectivity to previously unreachable areas.
One of such networks is LoRaWAN developed by the LoRa Alliance.

µMETOS LoRa is a LoRa network based data logger. Compared to the standard iMETOS station it does not require a SIM card to transmit logged data and can work on any existing public or private LoRa network. If there is no LoRa network available, it can be set up.

Applications in Agriculture

µMETOS LoRa is intended for remote areas that are not covered with GSM signal. It supports up to 12 sensors, including rain gauge, air temperature, soil temperature and soil moisture, rain gauge, wind speed, leaf wettness …
Main advantages of the device are low power consumption, minimal operational costs and simplicity of use.

µMETOS LoRa data logger is in the final stage of development. We have set up our own LoRa network in Weiz, Austria, where we are doing extensive tests with our and third party LoRa devices. Additional tests will also be conducted this month in Italy, Poland and UK.

Launch of the device is expected in the beginning of next growing season – January 2018.