With the Renewed FieldClimate Mobile Application you will feel you know what move the nature will make next.

We are bringing the field even closer to you!

In the desire to enrich the user experience and bring the field, and everything that is happening on it, even closer to the iMETOS user, Pessl Instruments developed a new version of FieldClimate for mobile phones.

The App has several new features that enable the farmer to have better control over the fields with just a glance at the phone. Exceptional view over hourly forecast and an overview of every important sensor on a daily and hourly basis were added and they will help make the right decision at the right time. Together with measured and forecasted weather details, overviews, rain aggregation, and soil moisture at different depths the farmer will get all the relevant information for more efficient work planning.

“We strive to give iMETOS users not just the feeling but a real experience of how they can operate their field from the comfort of the chair and save time and money with avoiding unnecessary trips to the field. With comprehensive summary of the last temperature, precipitation, humidity and leaf wetness measurements, remote field monitoring and a Map view that enables farmer to make a quick location and health check of the devices with a simple click on the phone, we are making this a reality,” CEO and Founder, Mr. Gottfried Pessl explains.

The renewed application is currently available for iOS operating system and brings several new fantastic features!

Pessl Instruments team is more than excited about the launch of the new FieldClimate mobile version and is looking forward to continue helping to shape the future of smart-farming.

About Pessl Instruments
Pessl Instruments, which is headquartered in Weiz, Austria and founded in 1984 by current CEO Gottfried Pessl, has daughter companies in USA, Brazil, Ukraine, France, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, Portugal, France and Poland and does business in more than 80 countries.

Pessl Instruments develops and distributes climate monitoring, agricultural risk – and irrigation management technology solutions for its farming customer base.

Pessl Instruments products, which are globally distributed under the iMETOS brand, include weather stations, soil moisture monitoring devices, irrigation automation controllers, electronic insect traps, remote crop monitoring systems, disease, and pest warning software and localized weather forecasts.

CEO and Founder:
Gottfried Pessl
[email protected]

Neza Rustja
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