New distribution agreement.

Pessl Instruments GmbH signs distribution partnership with SAS Agro Czech Republic

Pessl Instruments GmbH enters into a strategic distribution partnership to supply IOT (Internet of Things) weather stations to the Czech and Slovak farmers.

Pessl Instruments GmbH, a global manufacturer and leading provider of advanced agricultural technology solutions under the METOS® brand, enters into a distribution partnership for Czech Republic and Slovakia markets with SAS Agro Czech Republic, a leader in helping with the digitalization of agricultural companies.

The goal of this partnership is to supply Czech farmers with a wide range of IoT-enabled agriculture technologies that will improve crop yields, reduce costs, and ultimately contribute to sustainable agriculture.

The combined effort, knowledge and expertise of both partners will help farmers better manage field operations, make informed decisions about when is the best time to access the field with machinery, help with remote information on ideal seeding, spraying, irrigation and harvesting weather conditions, and similar.

Both partners aim to help farmers reduce risks, mitigate potential problems with plant diseases and insects, timely respond to extreme weather conditions such as frost or drought, and overall help them with better resource management, increasing their profitability without compromising the environment.

Pessl Instruments will provide the whole portfolio to SAS Agro – everything from the current weather stations and environmental data loggers to all of the upcoming  technology products that will be distributed under the METOS® brand.
“The collaboration with SAS Agro Czech Republic is an important step in Pessl Instruments’ strategy of risk mitigation for Czech and Slovak farmers by using in-field sensors to make their decision-making easier and more efficient. With weather and soil moisture information, farmers know when to enter the field and save precious time and resources,”
said Gottfried Pessl, CEO and Founder of Pessl Instruments.
“We are very confident that with the help of SAS Agro we can deliver better user experiences and solve many of the challenges farmers face today,”
added Mr. Pessl.
The distribution agreement was signed at Pessl Instruments GmbH headquarters, Weiz, Austria, on May 4, 2023.
SAS Agro and Pessl Instruments agreement
SAS AGRO Czech Republic and Pessl Instruments Team in front of Pessl Instruments Headquarters in Weiz, Austria | May 4, 2023

About PESSL Instruments GmbH

Pessl Instruments GmbH is located in the town of Weiz in Austria. The company was founded in 1984 by the current CEO Gottfried Pessl. With almost 40 years of experience, Pessl Instruments is a pioneer in digitalization in the agricultural world.

The company has offices in United States, Brazil, Ukraine, France, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, Portugal and Poland, and does business with customers in more than 80 countries.