New collaborative agreement

Pessl Instruments GmbH signed a collaborative agreement with Hiber

Pessl Instruments GmbH enters into collaboration with Hiber to supply high-end weather stations for remote areas.

Pessl Instruments GmbH, a leading manufacturer of advanced agricultural technology devices under METOS brand, signed an exclusive collaborative agreement with Hiber, nanosatellite constellation provider. The goal of the cooperation is to assure the usage of high-end tools for precision farming in every field.

In 35 years Pessl Instruments managed to reach into almost every corner of the world. The company provides a comprehensive package for precision agriculture, including both hardware and software solutions. They offer services ranging from weather monitoring and forecast, disease monitoring, pest control, irrigation management, nutrition management, to work planning, and more.

“Our tools for informed decision making are supported with the widest range of communication options but we have faced some difficulties to reach the remotest parts of the World. We want to overcome the last location limitations and bring the technology-based agricultural approaches closer to everyone,” explained Gottfried Pessl, CEO and founder of Pessl Instruments.

With nanosatellites that cover 100% of Earth’s surface, Hiber brings access to IoT connectivity to the exact areas Pessl Instruments is aiming to reach and therefore help them achieve their goal.

“We see a lot of promise in the collaboration between Hiber and Pessl Instruments. Pessl Instruments is a renowned provider of agricultural sensors, with a long track record of helping producers, traders, and many others. Hiber enables Pessl Instruments to scale that experience to the entire world. Together, we make sure that one can monitor climate, weather and soil globally, no matter how remote,” concluded Laurens Groenendijk, Hiber’s Managing Director.

Assisting farmers and providing transparency in the agricultural supply chain is what drives these two newly formed partners, and therefore we believe this will be a fruitful cooperation with benefits for everyone directly or indirectly involved.

Do you have a remote field or a general interest in the topic?
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For more than 35 years, Pessl Instruments has been offering tools for informed decision-making. A complete range of wireless, solar powered monitoring systems under the METOS® brand, and an online platform FieldClimate are applicable in all climate zones and can be used in various industries and for various purposes – from agriculture to research, hydrology, meteorology, flood warning, snow removal and many more.
Over the years, iMETOS® has become a global brand with local support and has managed to reach out to almost every corner of the world. The iMETOS® brand lasts longer, performs better, is easier to use and offers you the lowest total cost of ownership.

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Hiber enables IoT devices globally to be connected affordably with its nanosatellite constellation. Applications of the company’s technology include monitoring crops in the USA, groundwater in Australia, cattle in South America, soil in South-East Asia, and oil wells in Egypt.

Hiber is a Netherlands-based company with its headquarters in Amsterdam and a research facility in Delft. The company also operates out of California. In late October 2018, Hiber successfully launched its first two nanosatellites from California and India. The same year, the company was selected to be the Amazon Web Services Commercial Start-Up Launch of the Year 2018. In September 2019, Hiber was named Dutch National Icon of the Year.

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