Pessl Instruments GmbH Opens Branch Office in Poland

METOS® Polska

We are pleased to inform you that on December 21, 2017, the company METOS POLSKA Sp. z o.o. started operations as a branch of the Austrian company PESSL INSTRUMENTS GmbH.

The holistic solution vision and a wide range of IoT devices by PESSL INSTRUMENTS GmbH will help Polish farmers in the field of precision agriculture. Robust and reliable data loggers have been present in Poland for more than 15 years and locally distributed by EKOTRONIC.

The new company will provide holistic solutions for more profitable and less risky farming. “We would like to promote Agriculture 4.0 – from seeding, planting, plant protection, fertilization and harvest, down the entire value chain and to the fully automated, traceable farm operations,” explains Gottfried Pessl, the founder and CEO of Pessl Instruments.

The mission of METOS Polska is to offer the world-famous flagship products of Pessl Instruments – the agro meteorological weather stations of the METOS® brand.
It will also lead the digital farming era in Poland with the extension of the product portfolio to the mobile soil lab for testing NPK in soil, the iMETOS MobiLab.

With the establishment of METOS Polska, we want to create an even better technical service for you, be closer to customers, respond to your needs, and also expand the distribution network. We want the local sales representative to be able to answer your questions as quickly as possible and present the product to you at your farm or in the company.

“We are looking for collaborations with agriculture input businesses, supply businesses, precision farm advisors, irrigation advisors and anybody who want to expand their agribusiness with the latest technologies. We are open to meet you and talk about potential synergies over the country”, explains Marek Wilanowski, Managing Director of METOS Polska.

In case of questions or concerns, we are available to you.

Contact Person for details:
Marek Wilanowski
Country Manager Poland
Tel. +48 733 601 304