Happy birthday!

Pessl Instruments celebrates its 35th anniversary!

It is an honour to announce that Pessl Instruments celebrates 35th anniversary of its founding. What began as a small firm that looked into the future with an opened mind, has risen to become a company with more than 125 employees that reached into almost every corner of the World. The company was established in 1984 by a current CEO, Mr. Gottfried Pessl, and is headquartered in Weiz, Austria.

During the past 35 years Pessl Instruments has built a tradition of excellence in providing its customers innovative tools for informed decision-making. A complete range of wireless, solar powered monitoring system under iMETOS brand, and an online platform FieldClimate, offer everything from weather forecast monitoring, water management, remote field monitoring, soil analysis, to work planning, and therefore provide all the essentials for precision and sustainable agriculture.

“From the very beginning we believed in the technology and how important it is for the future of farming. For years now we have been offering ready-to-use solutions that provide real impact to users – saving water, fertilizers, money, time, the environment. With constant development and the right approach, we are bringing the technology closer to even the most sceptical farmers,” says CEO and Founder, Mr. Gottfried Pessl.

Just a few months into 2019 and the company already introduced two novelties to the market, Mr. Pessl explains: ”Pessl Instruments motor has been on the move for 35 years and is not ready to stop anytime soon. Just this year we introduced a new product, iMETOS LoRAIN, an easy to use and affordable device that will help farmers optimize all the activities they do on daily basis. And with the renewed FieldClimate for mobile phone the field is closer to the farmer than ever before. Let me point out that our solutions aren’t only applicable in agriculture, but can be used in various industries, for various purposes – for research, hydrology, meteorology, flood warning and more.”

To celebrate this important milestone in the history of the company, Pessl Instruments will organize a two-day celebration event at the beautiful venue Garten der Generationen in the heart of Weiz, Austria, on 13th and 14th of June 2019. There will be people from all around the World – from partners, clients and friends from leading industry providers such as John Deere, Nokia, Adama, SGS, KWS, Talgil, SAP, Yara, Topcon, Geokonzept, FarmFacts, to trusted clients and employees.

The event is closed for general public, but Pessl Instruments heartfully welcomes representatives of local and international magazines, newspapers and television to join them. Press conference will be held on 14th of June 2019, 9:15 – 9:45 at Garten der Generationen, Weiz, Austria. Please confirm your presence at: [email protected]

About Pessl Instruments
Pessl Instruments, which is headquartered in Weiz, Austria and founded in 1984 by current CEO Gottfried Pessl, has daughter companies in USA, Brazil, Ukraine, France, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, Portugal, France and Poland and does business in more than 80 countries.

Pessl Instruments develops and distributes climate monitoring, agricultural risk – and irrigation management technology solutions for its farming customer base.

Pessl Instruments products, which are globally distributed under the iMETOS brand, include weather stations, soil moisture monitoring devices, irrigation automation controllers, electronic insect traps, remote crop monitoring systems, disease, and pest warning software and localized weather forecasts.

CEO and Founder:
Gottfried Pessl
[email protected]

Neza Rustja
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