New partnership announcement

Pessl Instruments and SAP partner to make agriculture more efficient and precise

Hanover – Nov. 13, 2017 – Pessl Instruments and SAP partner in the area of agriculture. The partnership aims to make agricultural precision technology and solutions available to a wider audience with the use of proven IoT and platform technologies.

Precision agriculture is a concept to make farming more precise and helps to achieve more and better outcomes with less inputs in agricultural production. SAP® Connected Agriculture is a solution that allows Agribusinesses to collaborate with farmers and business partners in precision agriculture scenarios. It is part of SAP® Leonardo as well as the SAP industry solution offering for Agribusiness.

SAP® Connected Agriculture helps to leverage agricultural Big Data to raise yields, revenues, and profits, and optimize insights and processes from smart precision farming algorithms. It enables to connect to the Internet of agricultural Things (IoT), including smart machines, drones, and robots for smart-data collection and automation.

The solution supports agribusinesses to collaborate with agriculture-supply-chain partners in the farming space through standardization and open interfaces. Enabling to connect data from multiple agricultural sources and enabling to realize more efficient and sustainable farming processes. The solution also supports agribusinesses in collecting more insights from farming processes, a key element for farm-to-consumer transparency.

The data automatically collected with iMETOS systems could be: hyper local weather, soil moisture, insect counts, crop growth monitoring through high resolution cameras, soil analytics through lab on the chip, hyper local and adjusted weather forecast seamlessly integrated through the SAP Leonardo platform for enhanced and smart decision making.

The main goal of this collaboration is to further empower the farmer in all his highly complex decision-making processes through a better understanding and access to better information. Two leading companies in the industry partner to strive on the uptake of technologies and assist the agribusiness industry with new and proven solutions for making farming more profitable and less risky and at the same time to have the consumer to consume better and saver food products with as little residues as possible.