The beginning of METOS® ANZ

Pessl Instruments and Field Systems create a joint venture to expand business in agricultural sector in Australia and New Zealand named METOS® ANZ

We are happy to announce that Pessl Instruments and Field Systems from Australia will be creating a joint venture to expand business in all agricultural verticals and answer to the demands of a fast growing Australian agricultural sector.

The new company will provide holistic solutions for more profitable and less risky farming. “We would like to promote Agriculture 4.0 – from seeding, planting, plant protection, fertilization, harvest down the entire value chain and to the fully automated, traceable farm operations,” explains Gottfried Pessl, the founder and CEO of Pessl Instruments.

The main goal of the joint venture will be to help Australia and New Zealand farmers to adapt and adopt the latest technologies in a holistic way, with seamless integration and automation. It will provide local service through the Metos ANZ company to help and make the agricultural industry a less risky business. In the end, it will provide what is needed in terms of input, thus increasing bottom line for farmers. The services provided by the joint venture will include rentals, SAAS and selling hardware with full annual service.

Pessl Instruments, the leader in developing agricultural decision support systems and sustainable irrigation management has been actively involved in Australia for the last 20 years clients in all crops and irrigation market. Partnerships with many multinationals in the farm input business have strengthened its position as a provider of agricultural solutions and recently released complete integrated solutions for water and insect management.

We are looking for collaborators in the input business, agriculture, supply business, precision farm advisors, irrigation advisors who wants to expand their business with the latest technologies. We are open to meet you and talk about potential sinergies on Sidney, Melbourne and Brisbaine area.

About – Field Systems
Field Systems focus on understanding your current production system and then effectively implement strategies to incrementally increase productivity and profitability across managed landscapes. The basis of what we do follows the strategy of ‘assessment, diagnosis, recommendation, education and action’. We utilize the combination of in-field assessment along with laboratory analytical data to diagnose and develop the best recommendations for soil management decisions that work. Farmers and other land managers look to us to help make important and well-defined decisions to improve their soil performance.

About Pessl Instruments
Pessl Instruments (PI), which is headquartered in Weiz, Austria, was founded in 1984 by current CEO Gottfried Pessl has daughter companies in USA, Brazil, Ukraine, France, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, Portugal and does business in more than 80 countries.
Pessl Instruments develops and distributes climate monitoring, agricultural risk – and irrigation management technology solutions for its farming customer base.
Pessl Instruments products, which are globally distributed under the ́METOS® ́ brand, include weather stations, soil moisture monitoring devices, irrigation automation controllers, electronic insect traps, remote crop monitoring systems, disease and pest warning software and localized weather forecasts.