Pessl Instruments GmbH consolidates ownership over METOS® Canada distribution.

Pessl Instruments acquires 100 % of METOS® Canada to build the METOS® North America group

Weiz, Austria, March 3rd, 2023Pessl Instruments GmbH, (“Pessl Instruments”), the Austrian multinational company, announced today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire the 85% of METOS® Canada that it did not own and consolidate ownership over its Canada distribution. 

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, METOS® Canada, was started in 2018 as a JV between Pessl Instruments and Glacier FarmMedia (“GFM“) to sell and support the METOS® IOT (Internet of Things) line to the Canadian farming industry. The project was very successful and METOS® Canada has more than 2000 weather stations and other IOT products sold and rented to over 250 business partners all over Canada.

The most important partners and retailers of METOS® Canada includes large John Deere retailers like South Country, important Coops and Input providers like Richardson, Agronomax, GroWest, Sollio, Rack Petroleum, education institutions and universities like Olds College, University of Manitoba, Lakeland College as well as telecommunications businesses like Telus and last but not least consulting companies like Croptimistic and many others. 

Pessl Instruments will further invest into the business as we see Canada as one of the most mature markets for AGTech globally. We plan to develop new products specifically for Canadian farmers like the yield prediction models for canola and small grains, insect traps, remote crop cameras, NDVI and nutrition sensors as well as new solutions for better water and risk management. We will work together with our partners to reduce farming risks and help our clients to better manage the inputs in a more sustainable way.

We are delighted to have this opportunity to consolidate our ownership from GFM and further develop the Canadian business. We believe we can help all Canadian farmers with de-risking the farming operations by connecting every field in real-time,

 begins explaining Gottfried Pessl, CEO & Founder of Pessl Instruments.

Farming is an outdoor business and weather is the single most important factor when it comes to decision-making and what action to take next. We will help with providing “big data” to farmers in order to help them better understand climate change/variability. Additionally, our aim is to help the industry to prepare for the robotization of the farm by knowing what’s going on with every acre in real time. With our almost 40 years of business excellence we know the needs of clients and can help to provide best ROI – as we believe automatic weather stations and IoT devices will be as important as the “internet and connectivity” on the farm now and in the future,

 he concludes.

Pessl Instruments will take over all the existing employees and will build a larger group which includes the existing businesses in USA – METOS® USA and Mexico – METOS® Mexico in one single holding.

We have enjoyed our partnership with Pessl Instruments and are excited that the successful venture will be combined into an integrated North American distribution operation”, said Mark Melville, Glacier’s President, Business Information.  “We look forward to continuing to work with Pessl as an important IOT partner as Glacier FarmMedia continues to expand its weather information and crop modeling business, Weather Innovations.

About PESSL Instruments GmbH

For over 39 years, Pessl Instruments ( has been offering tools for informed decision making. A complete range of wireless, solar powered monitoring systems which supports almost all communication standards roofed under the METOS® brand are available to our clients worldwide. The systems, along with online platform and mobile application Fieldclimate, are applicable in all climate zones and can be used in various industries and for various purposes–from agriculture, both crop production and animal breeding, to smart cities, research, hydrology, meteorology, flood warning and more.

Over the years, METOS® has become a global brand with local support in over 85 countries, and we are proud to say we managed to reach out to every corner of the world. We believe that our durable, highly precise technology and demonstrated support from our trained partners worldwide are the recipe for our global success.

The METOS® brand lasts longer, performs better, is easier to use and offers you the lowest total cost of ownership.