Award-winning digital ecosystem paves the way for smart and digital agriculture

NEVONEX Wins the Silver Agritechnica Innovation Award 2019

Weiz – Pessl Instruments together with Bosch and seven active partners from the agricultural sector, received the Silver Agritechnica Innovation Award 2019 for NEVONEX. Other partners include AMAZONE, LEMKEN, RAUCH, Syngenta, Topcon, Xarvio and ZG Raiffeisen. Further partner companies will join in the coming months.

The manufacturer-independent and open digital ecosystem NEVONEX allows the execution of digital smart services directly on agricultural machines. NEVONEX thus enables automated and more efficient work processes in agriculture. “It is great to see that the independent jury of experts appointed by the German Agricultural Society (DLG) recognized potential in the joint work of all NEVONEX partners,” says Gottfried Pessl, founder and CEO of Pessl Instruments.

NEVONEX powered by Bosch: Open and Neutral – together for your smart digital agriculture
The key visual visualizes the diverse applications and possibilities of NEVONEX. It shows the growing variety of FEATURES and compatible devices in the entire value chain – from soil cultivation to sowing, fertilizing, crop protection and harvesting.
Other further targeted areas as logistics and special crops like orchards are already included in the key visual.

The innovative NEVONEX ecosystem provides a technical infrastructure through which various providers of agricultural technology, resources or services can offer useful functions and tools for connecting and automating equipment and workflows all along the entire agricultural process chain. For this purpose, the partners develop application software, so-called FEATURES, which are then executed directly on the corresponding agricultural machines. The full integration of the NEVONEX-enabled control unit into the electronic architecture enables active intervention in the machine functions and thus the automation of work processes and their documentation.
Pessl Instruments feature thus includes weather-controlled application of pesticides and fertilizer. It uses the data from Pessl Instruments sensors directly mounted on the tractor, integrates current weather data and weather forecast from Pessl Instruments cloud services, as well as gives hints, warnings and decision support to the machine operator. All this ensures more efficient pesticide use and more even fertilizer application, as well as reduces impact on nearby crops.

Further possibilities are offered by the comprehensive connection of existing or retrofitted sensors of the agricultural machine. For example, the current conditions in the field can be taken into account and higher yields or reduced costs can be achieved through more precise application of seeds, fertilizers or crop protection. Time-saving, direct data transmission to the farmer’s farm management system is also possible.

Interested visitors will find NEVONEX at Agritechnica from November 10 to 16, 2019 in Pavilion 11, Booth C10. Our team will be there, together with other active partners, to present NEVONEX and its offer for the first time.
NEVONEX will also be present in the Pessl Instruments booth in Pavilion 15, Booth D53.