New team member

Monika Ledzion – new Key Account Manager

The year 2020 was a challenge. The demand for remote monitoring systems increased as more and more farmers, and investment companies became aware that mitigating climate and weather-related risks, the data quality, analytics and support did remotely, are absolutely important.

This is why we remain on the mission to raise awareness about the use of IoT technologies for better risk management, protection of the environment, labour optimization and food production.

To be able to further assist and build relationships with global key accounts, a more hands-on deck are necessary, which is why we are happy to announce our team has been strengthened with Monika Ledzion, our new Global KAM. She has more than 20 years of experience in banking, insurance, meteorology and IOTs, and will undertake the task to help new clients get the most out of their investments and coordinating projects between PI and affiliates in the best way.

How will she contribute to the METOS brand and Pessl Instruments team?

We talked to Monika about her past experience, how she can contribute to strengthening our brand’s recognition, both in the agricultural sector and beyond, and last but not least, why she joined the Pessl Instruments team in the first place. Monika explained:

“I took three criteria into account when deciding to join the Pessl Instruments team: powerful people, company’s activities, and the value proposition of METOS brand. I believe I will contribute to broadening METOS’s recognition with my knowledge of creating innovative solutions, value for new products, and the ability to engage people into state-of-the-art projects.

The experience gained during many years of working in the global innovative environment, and knowledge in the area of using weather data and its practical application in the decision-making process, make me understand the needs of current and future clients and partners. Competences in the area of technology, IoT solutions, data analysis, machine learning will also allow me to meet the set goals.

I am excited to start working on interesting projects in which we will be able to combine the resource of global networking, innovative products and a non-standard approach to the business model or sales. I am very much looking forward to international cooperation in the area of strengthening the knowledge on smart farming among the agribusiness sector and the participation of METOS products in it. It is well known that greater knowledge results in greater awareness of both the choice of products themselves and the possibilities or options for their use.”

Meet the team - Monika Ledzion

Our main task remains to continue to develop the portfolio with hardware, software and only “data as a service” solutions, to enter a new phase in managing farms, mitigate risks and improve profits with the right inputs at the right time and place. With METOS you are never alone.

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