METOS® Level

Measure snow height or water levels under extreme conditions


METOS® Level is a device incorporating an
ultrasonic level sensor.

METOS® Level is a device incorporating an ultrasonic level sensor to provide a costeffective solution and an early warning system for remotely measuring snow height or water levels under extreme conditions.

Monitoring and collecting data in sensitive areas can help to protect people and prevent big damages.

About METOS® Level

Key benefits

  • Non-contact measurements.
  • High level of operating reliability.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Fast installation.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Ease of use in the field.

Technical specifications

Cap diameter: 110 mm
Box diameter: 98 mm
Overall height: 110 mm
152 g (without batteries)
NBIoT and CatM1 (HL7800)
Power supply
2x 3.6V high capacity primary battery*
Measuring interval
every minute
Logging interval
every 15 minutes
Transmission interval
1x per hour
Measurement distance
up to 3 meters**
Measurement resolution
1 mm
Operating temperature range
-15 °C to +60°C

*Battery is not included and needs to be ordered separately.
**Beam angle is 3° therefore we suggest providing at least 50 cm diameter of flat surface directly underneath when the product is installed at the maximum height of 3 meters.

Note: METOS® Level needs to be installed parallel to the flat measured surface.

Different applications

Snow height_METOS Level
Snow height
Water tank level_METOS Level
Water tank level
Lakes water level_METOS Level
Lakes water level
Water irrigation trenches_METOS Level
Water irrigation trenches

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