Helping manage water for a sustainable future of agriculture

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Compact, cost effective, & quick to install ultrasonic height level monitoring device. Designed to monitor the water level depth in flooded rice fields and many other applications.
METOS® FWT is an IoT device designed to monitor the water level depth in flooded rice fields in real time. The solution supports farmers in the adoption of the Alternate Wetting and Drying (AWD) methodology or similar water-saving techniques.
METOS® FWT can be a very helpful tool supporting decisions to mitigate risks due to periods of water scarcity.
It is a ultrasonic height level monitoring device applicable in many different situations. The device comes with the top part and the tube needs to be sourced by the client or distributor locally to best fit the clients use case.


Key benefits

  • Saved time and money,
  • More precise water applications,
  • Decreased global warming potential thanks to the reduced GHG (methane) emission by healthier roots,
  • Data that is automatically stored, shareable and accessible also for extension service field staff for better AWD (Alternate Wetting & Drying) knowledge transfer and management at the community level.

Technical specifications

Length (mm): 170 mm max (diameter)
Width (mm): 170 mm max (diameter)
Height (mm): 95 mm max
0.400 kg
NB-IoT NB1 / Cat-M1 / GPRS
Power supply
Solar panel 2V, 0.5 Wp, 40X60 mm + Battery 12 Ah in superCap
Measuring interval
5 minutes (default, customizable 10, 20, 30, 60 minutes)
Logging interval
15 minutes (default, customizable 10, 20, 30, 60 minutes)
Transfer interval
15 minutes (default, customizable 30, 60 minutes)
Ultrasonic distance sensor - Resolution
1 mm
Ultrasonic distance sensor - Working temperature
-15 °C to +60°C

Installation on rice field

iMETOS FWT - installation 1
1. Take METOS® FWT to the field.
iMETOS FWT - installation 2
2. Remove the magnet that’s inside.
iMETOS FWT - installation 3
3. Place the tube with sensor in the field.
iMETOS FWT - installation 4
4. Make sure the perforated part of the tube is underwater.
iMETOS FWT - installation 5
5. Calibrate within FieldClimate.
iMETOS FWT - installation 6
6. Check results.
Order process

Order process

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