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Yield prediction

The newest module provides an estimate of crop yield at harvest based on water availability. The basic settings require nothing more than crop, sowing date, and a rough estimate of the typical harvest date.

The prediction is available at any time before, during and after the growth period.

Thanks to this innovative approach, the farmer will now be able to adjust important management decisions during the growing season – from irrigation to pesticide use and fertilizer application in order to achieve the final goal – profitable yield.

With yield prediction you:

  • get a current season’s yield prediction in relation to a yield prediction based on long-term precipitation averages
  • see if this season’s yield is likely to beat or fall below the long-term average
  • get a convenient way to keep track of the crop yield performance

get help to improve 4R management – right source, rate, time and place for executing field activities.

Weather forecasting

Nowadays, many regions worldwide are fighting with extreme heat waves, severe storms, floods, and droughts. The climate change consequences are evident all over the planet and are also manifested by the intensification of extreme weather phenomena that not only become more violent, but also more frequent.

We all know the benefits of a site-specific field weather station or IoT device and how they can reduce the “uncontrollable risk” that farmers face, based on the weather to date, but it’s only half of the weather solution.

The other part is the forecast. Yes, the future impacts of weather on the field are as important, if not more important, as the conditions up to date.

Don’t have a station yet?

Our virtual weather station will
provide you with local weather information and can be used everywhere at any time.

Already a user?

Your METOS® Weather Forecast subscription is just a click away.
Make weather-dependent decisions on a daily basis and receive a complete decision support service.
*The subscription can be activated for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

Storage solutions

METOS® Storage tracks the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels real time and right where the information is; in the middle of your storage.

It is an indispensable piece of equipment used for:

  • Knowing the conditions to prevent damage/rotting before it occurs
  • Fine tuning the environmental conditions inside the storage unit that leads to better storage and delivery of the product
  • Alerting about bad “seed” in the storage, helping you prevent crop losses
  • Preventing money loss

Prevent crop losses

With the data and insights you can manage the perfect conditions for your storage.


Suitable for any type of storage

You can put the METOS® Storage everywhere in Bulk storage or Box storage.


Specific measurements

You won’t get any closer to the crop.


Completely wireless

Get 24/7 real time insights without worrying if the device is plugged in.


Start whenever suits you

Easy to use and setup.


Flexible solution

You can place the METOS® Storage everywhere in your storage.

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    About METOS® by Pessl Instruments

    Pessl Instruments has been serving growers, researchers and managers in 85 countries for more than 38 years. We help them with customizable precision agriculture hardware and software solutions which cover all needs, pain points and challenges that boots on the ground face in their everyday work and we are proud to make the burden of decision making a bit lighter.

    Founded in 1984, Pessl Instruments became a leading manufacturer and developer in smart technology agriculture on all continents. A complete range of wireless, solar-powered monitoring systems under METOS® brand and app FieldClimate, which was born in 2005 as the first-ever web platform for collecting and displaying agro-meteorological data, became an indispensable partner of every farmer who uses them.