We are proud to announce iMETOS MobiLab won the gold medal in the category “Machinery and equipment for fruit and vegetables growing”!

Nitrogen is the most important of the plant nutrients and necessary for basically every aspect of plant growth. Playing such a crucial role both extremes are bad – too much and too little.
Understanding how crucial it is to achieve the right threshold of nitrogen for a respective crop, Pessl Instruments developed a lab-on-a-chip device that will enable farmers to be able to exactly monitor their soil nutrients.

Simply put, iMETOS MobiLab is a mobile soil lab. It is a completely new concept which integrates soil nutrient analysis into a single microchip. After the soil samples are extracted from the field, the sample preparation is done right on the field or in the office. It is a simple and innovative soil macro-nutrients analyzer based on capillary electrophoresis, which gives you quick and precise indications on the level of NO3 and NH4. The measured data can be related to GPS coordinates via mobile app (available for Android and iOS) and can, therefore, support precision farming systems.

To name just a few added values of iMETOS MobiLab for farmers:

  • Saves time: from soil sampling to final result in less than 2 hours
  • Saves money: low cost per sample
  • Fast and reliable nutrient measurements
  • Knowing nutrient levels all the time
  • Effective distribution of far less fertilizer while maintaining the same yield in quality and quantity
  • Optimizes fertilizer usage

The Macfrut commission examined iMETOS MobiLab and concluded it stands out in terms of environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, and improvement of product quality, and granted the device the Gold Macfrut Innovation Award.

The award ceremony took place on Wednesday, May 8th, at 2:30 PM at Conference Room in pavilion B2 at the Macfrut 2019 exhibition and was attended by Cesena Fiera president Renzo Piraccini and director Luigi Bianchi. iMETOS MobiLab will be exhibited at the Pessl Instruments stand, D7 – 008, and in the Rimini Fiera’s Hall SUD, during Macfrut 2019 exhibiton (May 8 – 10).