Hybrid Station Extension

Make your physical METOS® station a “Hybrid”

You can make your physical METOS® station a “Hybrid” by extending it with virtual sensors (METOS® VWS full set available).

About the product

The service is available via yearly subscription.

The virtual sensors will be added to the chart and table, together with the physical sensors, but properly differentiated.

The possible sensors to be added are:

  • Air temperature (virtual)
  • Relative humidity (virtual)
  • Leaf wetness (virtual)
  • Precipitation (virtual)
  • Wind speed avg (virtual)
  • Wind speed gust (virtual)
  • Wind direction (virtual)
  • Global solar radiation (virtual)
  • Soil temperature (virtual)

Key benefits

  • Hybrid station is the perfect solution to expand any physical METOS® station at low price.
  • Get access to advanced tools like Disease models, ETo.
  • Virtual sensors are shown together with the physical sensors, but differentiated.

Where virtual data comes from?

Virtual sensor data quality is the same as our other product METOS® VWS (Virtual Weather Station) and comes from the best available weather simulation for the specific location.

Various weather models are incorporated, which in turn are calculated from data measured by weather stations, observation data from satellites, and a number of other data sources.

For locations with a nearby weather station, the station’s data are automatically used to further improve the quality.

The precipitation virtual data is updated using radar data (if available) and satellite data is used to update the data for cloud cover and global solar radiation.

Hybrid Station Extension_phone

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