Gardening award

Hungary’s Most Beautiful Estate 2019 award in Gardening category handed over by Pessl Instruments

Last Saturday, August 31st, Pessl Instruments joined The Most Beautiful Estate of Hungary award ceremony. The grand gala evening with winner announcement was held at Hotel Azur in Siófok, Hungary. The organizer, AGROTREND group “considers it a priority to highlight the valuable actors in agriculture, to emphasize the importance of agriculture and to raise awareness of the beauty of farming.”

We are honored to help sponsor events that strive for the same cause as we do
The decision to support The Most Beautiful Estate of Hungary 2019 with sponsorship funds was easy to make. Pessl Instruments encourages farmers all over the world to learn how to use technology in their advantage, how it can help them save time and money, raise their produce and profit, and along the way help save the environment and contribute to a common good.

gardening award

After taking a closer look at this year’s competitors we must say the jury didn’t have an easy job, though it is great to see how many Hungarian farmers are taking innovative farming approaches and putting the effort in making their farms technically well-equipped and sustainable. We would like to thank AGROTREND group for the given opportunity to hand over the award in the Gardening category to Hegede Kft.

We would like to congratulate everyone – the winners and all of the contestants and are looking forward to next year’s competition!

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