Golf course management is more than meets the eye.

How to make your turf grass greener

Before every swing of the golf club happens, a long line of carefully planned steps must be carried out. A proper golf course management and proper turf grass can make a difference in golfer’s play – from lowering the golf scores to reducing handicaps.

But how to achieve that perfection?

It is important that course managers recognize turf grass’s requirements in a timely manner, and support it with appropriate soil and irrigation management, fertilizers application, weed, insect and disease controls. The Nested Approach to IoT Golf course management, is a new way that establishes the maintenance of the complex ecosystems of golf courses, green areas, parkland, but keeps the process simple and efficient so that every aspect is under full remote control for various stakeholders.

Turf grass_Golfpark-Zurichsee-with-METOS-stations-METOS-by-Pessl


It is extremely important to have a business partner that you can trust. To be proud of your collaboration and to achieve exquisite results together. We are very proud of our collaboration with Steven Tierney, Head Greenkeeper at Golfpark Zürichsee (Switzerland) – one of the most important golf courses in the country. They use METOS systems (LoRAIN, Mini METOS SOIL »Underground« and Metos 3.3) that bring their golf course performance to a higher level.

Steven Tierney began his career as an Assistant at Fulford Golf Club in 1983. Steven obtained a Master Greenkeeper certificate by BIGGA in 2011 and we’re very fortunate to work with someone who possesses so much knowledge and love for the green.



LoRAIN is a professional weather station ideal for your golf course which works great because of its compactness, accuracy and affordability. Measurements of temperature, humidity and precipitation are sent every 15 minutes which allows timely management decisions.


MiniMETOS SOIL is a combination of sensors that measure soil temperature & Volumetric Water Content (VWC) (Pessl Instruments Soil moisture sensor) and soil moisture (Watermark sensors) permanently and in near real-time wherever you want. With MiniMETOS SOIL all the potential issues and stress events can be identified before they occur or become visible.


The iMETOS 3.3 has been designed to monitor data with a wide variety of sensor sets. It offers a complete solution for environmental monitoring, disease models, soil moisture etc. The iMETOS can also send SMS Alarms (user-defined via Internet) to alert you in cases of frost, strong rain, high temperature and more. Predict, protect & pursue sustainability.


With the iMETOS Golf Course System, every square cm/inch of the golf course is closely monitored. The data the METOS hardware captures is analysed in FieldClimate and visualised in TurfVIEW, a premium service within FieldClimate that was specially developed for golf applications, which allows golf course managers to have full remote control in a visual form. The power of IoT and the real time data stored in the cloud provides remarkable insights with a simple glance at the phone, tablet or computer screen. The iMETOS Golf Course system gives fast access to all important and valuable information for quick decision making.