Say hello to year 2022 - What are the plans?

We are leaving behind one of the most challenging, yet successful, years of business operations of Pessl Instruments.

Bumpy supply chains, limited possibilities to do business in person and rising material prices have put our resilience to the test, but C19 has also given us a new and valuable perspective on how the world is running right now.

As the European Green Deal states: A shift to a sustainable food system can bring environmental, health and social benefits, offer economic gains and ensure that the recovery from the crisis puts us onto a sustainable path – especially in the aftermath of the C19 pandemic and the economic downturn.

The path from farm to fork is far more challenging than one might think. And if we want better, more transparent, sustainable and healthy food, we have to adapt our practices – as producers, technology solution providers, and consumers.

We are happy that at least at the end of the year, we managed to get together with familiar faces at partner meetings in Turkey, France, Poland and the USA to discuss and share ideas about the METOS and Pessl Instruments’ presence on the agricultural technology market. Once more we have proven that one single in-person meeting can outdo ten online discussions and we are very pleased with the outcome.

Our conclusions for 2022 and years to come are the following:

  • Even more high quality agricultural educational content and use cases
  • Spreading awareness about the possibilities and benefits the use of precision agriculture technology brings
  • Help with sustainable food production
  • Help save the environment and protect biodiversity by helping farmers better understand and optimize spraying and fertilizing field operations
  • Help with resource savings without yield loss
  • Keep developing the technology suitable for organic farming

The thought of sustainability is one of our keystones when it comes to the development of new METOS products and solutions for the agriculture sector. With the European Green Deal, we are even more determined to continue in the direction we set out at the very beginning of the establishment – to help the farmers achieve the best yield, without compromising the environment.