Colombardo SRL

Technology and tradition hand in hand

Our founder and CEO, Gottfried Pessl, was visiting the magnificent region of Piedmont, one of the world’s finest wine regions and home to numerous DOCG wines.


He enjoyed not only the spectacular surroundings in the heart of the finest Italian wine region but also the company of our sublime partner Mauro Colombardo, the founder of Colombardo SRL. His success story is a great example of a combination of tradition & knowledge and understanding of farmers’ needs.

Gottfried-Pessl and M.-Colombardo


Colombardo SRL, an innovative company for vineyard technologies, located in Moasca (Asti, Italy) was founded in 1978 with the production of equipment for oenology. Four years later founder Mauro Colombardo focused his production on the machines for viticulture, which resulted in a high level of specialization that now represents parts of the lawn and garden and tractor and equipment manufacturing industry.



From farming machinery to IoT

Although the first equipment of the new range of products was a trimmer, designed in cooperation with the CNR of the University of Turin, Colombardo wasn’t afraid to combine traditional approaches and adapt them to new technologies, strategies and needs of the sector. The Colombardo firm now cooperates with the most important European companies operating in this branch, including Pessl Instruments.

Colombardo Collaboration

Knowledge, expertise and Colombardo’s insight into the needs of a farmer, combined with Pessl Instruments’ decision support systems, including METOS equipment and services like disease predictions, and localised weather forecast, opened endless possibilities for the mechanization of the vineyard and adaptation to the market. METOS IoT based solutions can help winegrowers make timely and efficient decisions and improve their harvest.

Gottfried Pessl reflects:

“We like to pay special attention to maintaining contact with our partners. We believe that regular meetings can be extremely insightful and valuable as it is our goal to learn about the users of our instruments and services as much as possible, especially their pain points and their feedback about how we can do more for them.”

Collaboration with Mauro and his company Colombardo SRL is a wonderful example of that – a success story that we’re so very proud of.