FarmView Irrimet – the new tool within FieldClimate

Fieldclimate’s FarmView will merge Satellite and In-Field data for better decision making

The first Farmview module ‘Irrimet’ uses a fusion of different sensing devices in your field to calculate the irrigation needs.

FarmView Irrimet – the new tool within FieldClimate

Since 2005, FieldClimate platform is an indispensable partner for the agriculture decision-making process and has been improving over the years. After launching a new mobile app version for iOS in 2019 and for Android in 2020,Pessl Instruments is offering yet another tailor-made tool within FieldClimate that enables you to visualise weather, soil moisture and growth information for your fields. The Irrimet tool combines existing iMETOS hardware within your field to deliver you a water balance monitoring system for your fields.

Who is FarmView for and how can one start using it?

You can start using FarmView today by simply clicking on the Farm icon in the upper right corner in FieldClimate. No matter if you are a small farmer or a large corporate farm, we designed the tool in a way it supports your individual daily decisions. In particular, Farmview offers you options to:

  • document your field by providing field borders, crop type, management dates and related iMETOS® sensors
  • document your irrigation operations with help of easy-to-use calendar
  • learn about the water available in soil and upcoming water stress
  • learn how much and when to irrigate
  • prioritize irrigation strategies within your farm

Farmview will be realized in its entire functionality during 2020. In the next release, we will incorporate data from iMETOS soil moisture sensors. In the upcoming release, we will also introduce the satellite Sentinel-2 data that will provide support during i.e. monitoring the crop development, or mapping management zones. Later in 2020, we will also incorporate disease model outputs, insect trapping, crop monitoring and trackers.

NoteFARMVIEW is in development. We will not be charging you until major Farmview services are activated.