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FieldClimate’s FarmView presents Soil moisture Sum

After releasing the FarmView Irrimet in March earlier this year, we introduce to you the second module – ‘Soil Moisture’. Soil moisture and Irrimet tools provide our users a complex solution for water use management.

FarmView Soil Moisture

FarmView within Fieldclimate introduces a new module ‘Soil moisture’ with options to link relevant soil moisture sensor to the IoT FarmView platform and access soil moisture sum status in mm/inches for all Cropzones in a dashboard’s widget.

In particular, the new release includes:

  • soil moisture module enabling to link selected soil moisture sensors to your Cropzone and do specific sensor settings only for this Cropzone (=crop and year)
  • widget displaying all Cropzones with soil moisture sensors and clearly notifying which Cropzone needs your attention first
  • option to display soil moisture sum from relevant sensors and learn about the water available/missing for your plants
  • option to decide if you want to compute soil moisture sum over the entire soil profile or over active root zone only
FarmView is smart and interconnected with FieldClimate. For instance, if you provided soil moisture sensor settings in FieldClimate, these will come as default in FarmView as well. You can, however, overwrite them for a given Cropzone if required.

Besides a completely new module, we implemented a couple of changes to the existing one.

We added:

  • New look of the Irrimet water balance graphics
  • Improved performance of the Irrimet calendar event storage
  • Improved performance when drawing and importing cropzone borders

What is FarmView?

FarmView is a premium service within FieldClimate that enables you to visualize weather, soil moisture and growth information for your fields.

To learn more about how can you start using FarmView and the first module, please visit the following page.

A tutorial on how to use FarmView Soil Moisture module is available here.