Farming in winter

3 Things Farmers Need to Do Before Season

Winter seems like the season when farmers can finally have some rest. The truth is, there are plenty of things to do in the months when fields are waiting for the new crops.


1. Reflect on the previous season

Winter is the perfect time to go over last season’s notes and reflect on what went well and where is room for improvement. Here are some crop related questions which can help you get a better overview of what was happening:

  • Were there any frost related problems?
  • Is there room for improvement when it comes to field operations planning?
  • Was there a disease present in the field?
  • Could you optimize water use for irrigation?
  • What was the biggest problem of the season?
  • What went really well?

Add any other notes that help give the bigger picure of successes and failures of the season.

2. Research for innovations

When you have a clear view of how the previous season went, dig deeper into the research on the things you can improve in the year ahead.

Agricultural technology has developed significantly and offers a multitude of solutions for various pains farmers face. Many challenges can easily be monitored or even completely eliminated with remote field monitoring. The correct sensor set, which brings environmental data from the field to the farmers, can play the key role in improving farm operations and general success of the season.

3. Plan the coming season

We know that planning with nature can be tough. And agriculture is exactly that – taking into account all the possibilities the nature offers and making the best with them. Technology can help a lot, but finally, we cannot change the weather and the environment – we can only monitor it and use it to our advantage.