Chicken Health Assessment Toolset

CHAT (Chicken Health Assessment Toolset) project is in progress!

We are happy to announce that we’ve joined a great project! Together with DunavNET and Zivko Sekulic Farm, we will be working on CHAT Project (Chicken Health Assessment Toolset) with the main objective being the improvement of chicken breeding process.

The Project
The main idea is to extend functionality of several advanced micro-electronics devices and integrate them into a smart cloud based system to create audio and video based stress detection of chicken on farms facilitating improvement of breeding process. The project will experiment with different deployment constellations, edge data processing and cloud based machine learning and data analytics algorithms to detect stress patterns enabling early prevention of health hazards. But to achieve all mentioned, from design, through implementation and validation of the planned experiment, multidisciplinary team with adequate resources is required.

Pessl Instruments, DunavNET and Zivko Sekulic Farm have complementary skills and resources and jointly make the complete set required for successful execution of the project. DunavNET will provide IoT solution design, machine learning competence and domain expertise in audio processing and poultry breeding, Pessl Instruments will provide hardware solutions while the Zivko Sekulic farm will provide testing environment, support with experience and help promote the outcomes of the project.

Our Role in the Project
Based on extensive experience in adapting hardware functionality Pessl Instruments will provide IoT devices, namely iMETOS® ECO D3 data loggers for environmental monitoring, iMETOS CropVIEW® for remote image monitoring, the access to data through our API and the representation of data on FieldClimate platform.

We are excited about the project and will keep you informed about the results.