New team member

Caroline Arab – New Product Manager

The industry in which we are active and present requires expert knowledge. Only with proper professionals on our team can we be confident when it comes to offering speciality services and equipment to our customers. This is why we are happy to announce that our Product Management team will be additionally strengthened with Caroline Boscarino Arab, the new Map & satellite products, GIS/software and Soil Moisture expert.

How will she contribute to the METOS brand and Pessl Instruments team?

We asked Caroline why she joined the Pessl Instruments team in the first place, we were curious about her past experience, and what is she most excited about in the new job. Caroline explained:

“Pessl is a remarkable name in the smart farming industry. Previously working with moisture sensing, I have always heard of Pessl, and likewise, had the goal to work on it one day. The company has been developing a great portfolio of sensors for multiple types of growers and farms, facilitating smart devices’ integration as well as technology implementation in agriculture.

As an Environmental Scientist, the insertion of technology into agricultural activities represents a chance for a safer future where the ability to control risks, save water, and reduce waste is in our hands, with these sensors. METOS does a great job of spreading intelligent devices all over the globe and I am thrilled to be part of it.

I come from an Environmental Sciences bachelor with a master’s in Water Management applied to agriculture. In addition, my previous experience in the industry also consisted of soil moisture sensing with IoT devices, where I was the Soil Data Manager. I believe my skills in soil sciences, sensor calibration, customer support and content creation help me to detect customers’ needs and translate them into hardware and software optimization. The development of smart sensors is dynamic and grows at a fast pace, and I, as the Product Manager, need to be turned into market releases to offer the best sensor possibilities for wiser decision-making in the field.

Caroline Arab - Pessl Instruments

I look forward to building a better planet, with integrated devices that can empower growers worldwide to make their own decisions in the field based on smart data collection. Pessl’s multidisciplinary team, as well as its global area of action, allows me to exercise that every day. The idea of acting globally to apply it locally brings collaborations, integration and inclusion of more and more growers into precision agriculture, which is very exciting!”

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