Barometer sensors



Order number: 600157 / 900163

The Pessl Instruments barometric sensor measures the “absolute air pressure” of the atmosphere on site. It is designed for application in the field of environmental protection, where high accuracy, quick response, long-term stability and reliability are required. The instrument is suited for indoor and outdoor use. A tempered piezoceramic sensor for absolute pressure is used, characterized by its thermal and mechanical stability.

Working range
0-1150 mbar
ca. 50g
Power supply
5.0 VDC (6VDC maximum)
Zero offset
0.50 ±0.09 VDC
Power uptake
max. 20mA
0.1 % max. Thrift
Temperature range
-40 °C to 125 °C
Measuring type
Serial (RS 485)

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