Time to share the latest news on the project “Automatic aphid detection in potato fields”

Automatic aphid detection in potato fields project update

The work package 2 is all about trap optimization and not even the winter season stops us

The adaptation of two iSCOUT prototypes has been started and the goal is to monitor and identify Aphididae visually. The devices have been shipped to the Netherlands and installed by our partner WUR on fields and in the laboratory. Remote access and control of the devices, sending two pictures daily works fine. A third prototype, using a different lens has been produced too and is tested now in the house.

We take the opportunity to thank our partner Vantage Agrometius, who connected us with our project partners Wageningen University & Researchmeteoblue AGNederlandse Algemene Keuringsdienst and farmofthefuture.nl to work on such an interesting and challenging topic.

iSCOUT Color Trap
iSCOUT Color Trap prototype installed for ahid monitoring in the Netherlands

About the Automatic Aphid Detection in Potato Fields project

The project comprises two parts. In the first part, a data-analysis approach is developed with the aim to predict the time of optimal conditions for aphid migration into the potato fields. In the second part, electronic monitoring devices are optimized for confirmation of the previous analysis and monitoring of the occurrence of aphids in the field.

More about the project here.