5 reasons to turn to precision agriculture – without hardware

Technology in Precision Agriculture: WHYs and HOWs

At its core, precision agriculture means basing most of the farming management systems on modern technologies. Making decisions based on intuition and sometimes, sheer luck is replaced with making decisions based on actual, real-time, data. Its main goal is to reduce farmers’ expenses while at the same time helping them produce and earn more and lower the impact on the environment.

Entering into precision agriculture doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Though technology can be complicated, its usage doesn’t have to be – and it isn’t. Gathered and analyzed data is simplified to the point it can be used by anyone and helps with day-to-day and long-term farming management. All you need is a smartphone, internet access, and one of the entry point technology-based farming pieces of equipment.

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1. Precision farming makes your life easier

It might sound like a cliché, but technology simplifies day-to-day farming operations. Since all the data is within hand reach at all times, it becomes easier to manage all of the important aspects without missing any of them.

Furthermore, technology eases the processes that usually take a lot of effort to complete, such as calculating the insect pressure, estimated crop number, and more. With minimal effort come better results.

2. Precision farming reduces your costs and optimizes the budget spent for farming operations

With precise weather data, you can always make an informed decision on whether to apply plant protection (pesticides) or not. You will save money on spraying – reducing the costs of (chemical) applications and costs that come with the procedure (working hours, machinery operation, fuel costs, and others).

You will avoid blanket spraying and loss due to unfavourable weather conditions. The optimization of costs enables better allocation of funds for other operations.

3. Precision farming results in higher profitability

Optimised growing processes also result in higher and better yield and thus higher profit.

With the help of technology, you produce more, lose less and make better plans for the next season.

4. Precision farming will save your time

Time-saving is not to be taken lightly. Spending less time on your field means you can put more of it into business-oriented activities or invest it into family and hobbies.

You can invest your newly acquired time in planning how to expand your farm, get new connections and partners and make your farming business more profitable.

5. Precision farming lowers waste and the impact on the environment

Reduced waste goes in many directions – money, crops, soil, water, plant protection applications and saving all other resources.

Sensibly performed spraying applications will help keep your crops and soil healthy, you won’t put unnecessary pressure on the environment, and you will help keep nature’s biodiversity intact.



To get a feeling about how you can use technology to your advantage, you don’t need an expensive weather station with a variety of sensors for soil moisture, soil temperature, leaf wetness, relative humidity, and others. All you need is your smartphone, tablet or computer and a virtual weather station.

iMETOS VWS provides you with local weather information for actionable results.
It is an indispensable partner that helps you get comfortable with precision farming.

  • The virtual weather station is very cost-effective, simple to use and activated with a few clicks
  • It calculates all the essential parameters (air temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, wind speed)
  • You decide for which point on earth, with no exceptions, you want the data to be displayed for
  • It works as a complete decision support service, including Weather forecast, Disease models, Work planning

Not sure what to think yet, how to use it, what to expect? We understand that change can be difficult sometimes and adapting to new practices is not the easiest. In case you would like to have more information, please contact our marketing team.