Especially smart system
for irrigation

iMETOS ICA10 NB-IoT - header

A smart system which uses the data from a pressure switch to monitor and to operate irrigation systems.

About ICA10

ICA10 is a smart system which uses the data from a flow sensor switch to monitor and operate an irrigation system.

With the help of partner platform Spherag, sensors for soil moisture, temperature, relative humidity, wind, rain, water counter, pressure transducers etc. can be used to automatically switch on and off the solenoids.

ICA10 works with the most common solenoids from Baccara, TORO, Rainbird, Netafim etc. to make irrigation/fertigation cycles more intelligent, based on real-time data and real plant requirements.

iMETOS ICA10 NB-IoT on show

Key benefits

Best used for:

  • Optimisation of irrigation cycles.
  • Optimisation of fertigation cycles.
  • Monitoring and operating the irrigation system.

Technical specifications

Sensors layout
Automatic ON/OFF switch, Pressure detector
Internet connectivity
Notification, user configurable via website
Remotely operated
Weight without sensors
246.5 g
Measuring interval
Real time
Logging interval
Real time
Internet contact
Real time
3,7V, 3AH
Operating range: -15° C to 60° C
Solar panel
Dimensions: 45 x 70 cm
0,4 Watt solar panel
1 bi-directional Latch valves (DC)
Outcome 14V

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